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American White Bresse

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Rhode Island Red

2024 Shipping Dates Now Available
more than a hatchery.

We are focused on producing high quality chicks by maintaining healthy flocks that receive Non-GMO feed and are bred to the standard of perfection. Stumphouse Farms is also focused on providing high quality products that support chicken ownership. Whether we are shipping day old chicks, hatching eggs or poultry supplies, Stumphouse Farms is a place where each order is hand-packed to ensure the highest level of welfare and customer satisfaction.

Our Customer Commitment

As lifelong farmers, we understand that ambiguous shipping dates cause challenges. At Stumphouse Farms, we are committed to providing a clear shipping date for all live bird and hatching egg purchases. If unexpected delays occur, timely communication is prioritized. We are committed to ensuring all customers are provided with accurate and timely information to minimize uncertainty. As a result, Stumphouse Farms customers can adequately plan for the arrival of their purchase.