The Roots

Stumphouse Farms was founded by Tyler and Lydia Chastain in September 2021 in Anderson, SC. The journey to this farm venture started long before. Tyler grew up on a commercial chicken farm and cannot recall many days that didn’t involve chickens. His long history with farm-life sparked an interest in the FFA program at Pendleton High School. During his time as a member, Tyler competed and won team and individual state titles that specialized in poultry judging. 

The Farming Begins

During their high school career, Tyler and Lydia began dating at 16 years old. It was not long before Tyler shared his passion for farming with Lydia. After 2 years of dating, they started a small farm operation of their own: Faithfully Grown Farms. The farm name was meant to be a testament to their ethical and healthy farm practices as well as their devotion and full reliance on God for providing a fruitful harvest. Tyler and Lydia planted a large garden and over the course of 2 years, acquired 150 laying hens. The farm was selling eggs and produce at the Greenville Farmers Market, Clemson Farmers Market, Swamp Rabbit Cafe, and their own CSA. After years of full-time farming, Tyler and Lydia decided to put farming aside for a while and attend college. 

A Brief Intermission

Tyler attended Greenville Technical College and, later, Liberty University, completing a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. Lydia selected Anderson University to complete a Bachelors Degree in Marketing as well as a Masters in Organizational Leadership. After more than 5 years together, Tyler and Lydia got married and moved into the city of Greenville. Tyler pursued a career in sales and Lydia pursued one in finance. Although the city was exciting and brought new adventures each day, there was something in each of them that longed for a quieter life that resembled their upbringing. 

We’re Back

Tyler and Lydia took the leap in March 2020 and purchased a 160 acre property in Anderson, SC. The property coupled the natural beauty of a pine forest, secluded pastures and steady creeks, with a simple, but charming house… surrounded with tree stumps. This was the birthplace of Stumphouse Farms. What started as a quest to order a few backyard chickens for a personal egg production, opened their eyes to the scarcity of high quality chickens available for purchase. Tyler’s lifetime of experience with chickens and passion for farming made it nearly impossible to pass up this venture. After countless hours of research, education, and speaking with others in the industry, Tyler and Lydia began to build a second farm together. 

The Mission

If there is one attribute that can sum up the Stumphouse Farms mission, it is quality. Tyler and Lydia are dedicated to ensuring each chicken on the farm lives a healthy life and each customer has an exceptional experience. In order to provide customers with the highest quality chicks and hatching eggs, the standard of care for every chicken on the farm must be the priority. Every Stumphouse Farms chicken has access to green pastures, year-round. Their diet consists of non-GMO feed, as well as bugs and greens foraged from the pasture. The breeding program and website were thoughtfully curated to ensure that each customer has a known shipping date at checkout. In addition to chicks and hatching eggs, Stumphouse Farms offers a selection of products that support chicken ownership. Collectively, Tyler and Lydia are committed to providing reliable service and exceptional products to farms and homesteads throughout the country.