Delivery Information

Prior to Delivery

Before your chicks arrive, ensure you have all the necessary supplies including chick feed, water, brooder, bedding material and a heat source. To ensure the temperature has time to stabilize, the heat source, along with water and feed, should be placed in the brooder approximately 24 hours before the chick’s arrival.



Day old chicks will not be delivered to your door like ordinary mail. The day of delivery, your local post office will call you requesting that you come pick up your chicks. Often, the call will occur first thing in the morning but expect a call anytime during the delivery period. Once you have received a call to pick up your chicks, you should pick them up as soon as possible. Once shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email. Stay up to date by regularly checking the tracking information. Once picked up, the chicks should be placed in the brooder as soon as possible.