Chick Brooder - H:9.5" Layer Addition
Chick Brooder - H:9.5" Layer Addition
Chick Brooder - H:9.5" Layer Addition
Chick Brooder - H:9.5" Layer Addition

Chick Brooder - H:9.5" Layer Addition

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Introducing the Cimuka COMFORTPLAST System Add-On: Layer Addition Game Bird Brooder! Designed for the small-scale farmer, backyard bird enthusiast, educational program, or classroom, this brooder box is perfect for raising new chicks like quail, pheasant and partridge. Up to 30 Quail per level!

This brooder box is the perfect add-on for your current quail brooder, pheasant brooder, and or chick brooder. Best for smaller chicks or baby birds that are under 5 inches tall.

With a patented COMFORTPLAST plastic design, it is easy to build and clean. The modular and stackable design allows you to mix-n-match different layers for brooding and breeding.

Boasts a generous 20 inch space heater. The brooder kit comes with a brooder light, brooder plate for chicks and brooder thermometer in the heater for a complete setup. No more brooder lamp with clamp! The automatic self-regulated heaters ensure your chicks are always comfortable.

The updated model features an easy-to-clean waste tray that is 3 inches deeper than previous models. The brooder box for chicks also includes feed loss reduction grill covers to save money and prevent feed from falling on ground.

The Layer Addition for Game Bird Brooder is power-washable, making maintenance a breeze. Whether you already have a baby chicken brooder, a chick brooder cage, or a larger chicken brooder pen, this brooder is a great addition with it's automation.

This brooder box for chicks indoor is perfect for your poultry brooder needs. Enjoy the ease of using this brooder's heating system instead of heat lamp bulbs, brooder heating plates, or brooder heat lamp for chicks. Those are a thing of the past!

The Cimuka Layer Addition Game Bird Brooder is your all-in-one solution for raising healthy, happy game birds!