Grow Out Pen - H:9.5" Layer Addition
Grow Out Pen - H:9.5" Layer Addition
Grow Out Pen - H:9.5" Layer Addition
Grow Out Pen - H:9.5" Layer Addition
Grow Out Pen - H:9.5" Layer Addition

Grow Out Pen - H:9.5" Layer Addition

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Does not include water tank, frame and wheels. Power-washable grow out pen layer additions are perfect for expanding your production. Rear teen quail, pheasants, partridge, or small game birds in this 9.5" tall layer. For pullets (chickens), teen turkeys, ducklings and goslings, view the taller 15" layer additions. This unit will ensure your birds grow up safely before joining the flock. To prevent bird wetting, closed nipple drinker cups receive clean, algae-free water from the water tank above. Height-adjustable drinker cups create a comfortable experience for growing teens. To prevent foot problems, flooring is slightly larger than the brooder yet smaller than the adult pens. The unit boasts an improved door locking system to prevent escapees. To remove waste efficiency, there is a deep manure tray. Red feed grill cover is included to eliminate the flinging of feed, thus saving money.

Recommended for homesteaders, hatcheries, nurseries, poultry scientists, laboratories, agriculturists, breeders, hobbyists, urban farmers and commercial farmers. Add layer additions at any time to expand your production!


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Cimuka Grow Out Pen Capacity (Model: GL25-03-TA) - HatchingTime

Weekly capacity is determined by your birds’ breed. If you have larger birds, you can use our larger, 15" Models. 15" Models

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Key Features

1) Hygienic Manure Tray
Deep manure tray collects droppings below. Prevent disease by having a system that removes harmful substances, like bacteria, from your bird's living space.

2) Smart Feeder
Shock-proof, red grills lay on top of removable feeding trough to reduce feed loss, inside and outside the cage. Removable feeding trough holds 5 pounds of feed. Customers claim to save 30% more of their feed with the flexible, shock-proof grills.

3) Automatic Drinkers
Water tank (sold separately) uses an anti-algae, silicone hose to deliver filtered water through an anti-bacterial PVC square pipe to 2 steel nipple drinkers. The seamless watering nipple system promotes the highest level of hygiene.

4) Elliptical Flooring
Flexible flooring makes standing, walking, spawning and mating more comfortable. This results in higher egg production rates and fewer feet problems. ComfortplastTM elliptical flooring is used, instead of galvanized wire, to create a rust-proof, safe, comfortable and hygienic environment for your birds.

5) Stackable Tier Design
Mix-&-match different layers to create the perfect setup. Cimuka grow out pens can be stacked with our brooding and breeding cages. To create a custom tiered experience, choose from different layer additions. View Layer Additions


Brand: Cimuka

Model: GL25-03-TA

Material: Recycled ABS Plastic


Assembly Required: Yes

Recommended Location: Indoors or enclosed shelter

Dimensions & Weight:

Assembled Unit: L 21.6” x W 36.3” x H 13.9”
- Layer (Internal): L 17.3” x W 35.5” x H 9”
- Box: L 39” x W 24” x H 6”
- Weight: 20 lb

Assembly / Parts List / Guides

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